Constitution Lectures and Lessons in Liberty


The goal of our Constitution Lectures is to inspire 5th graders in our community to study, embrace and appreciate America's Founding Documents.  The Lessons in Liberty teaches middle school kids what their civic duties are and what it means to be good American citizens.  Both projects are excellent starting points for future civics and Constitution studies and help awaken a desire in kids to learn about the founding of our Country.  The format is designed to help open the minds of kids so they can embrace and understand the meaning of the Constitution, its value and the vital role it plays in the lives of all Americans.

Constitution Day Celebration


We celebrate the birth of our nation the week of September 17th, the day our Constitution was signed.  Constitution Day became a national holiday in 2004, and all publicly- funded educational institutions are mandated by Congress to provide educational programs on our founding and the signing of the Constitution. 

The Celebration helps people understand the importance of the Constitution and motivates them to fight to safeguard the freedoms and liberties that make us unique as Americans.  We are blessed to be American citizens and celebrating its founding is what we should and must do.

Battle for Freedom Project


The Chronicles of LEX vs REX is a fictional graphic novel with historical content weaved into the story.  We have brought the idea of the rule of law (LEX) versus the rule of man (REX) to life in a fun and simple comic book format that kids can understand.  It helps kids to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by the Founders who declared their independence from the King to establish a new Nation; a Nation founded on the belief that the power is with the people and the LAW IS KING!  We tell America's story and document the struggle to institute a form of government that strives to protect the individual rights of all the people.

LEX vs REX Video

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